The White Label Fitness App

Fan Fit is all about building a physical and digital community to support the physical and mental wellness of your people. We’ve successfully produced customised versions of the app for various organisations including University of Salford staff and students, Salford Red Devils & Rangers FC fans. See the video below, try downloading one of the apps or get in touch to get your organisation a fully branded version of FanFit. 


Every brand with a duty of care to its people will benefit from FanFit. Fan Fit is designed to build a community, join up dots, increase fitness awareness and empower staff, students, fans or players,  creating friendly competition and gamification with just a basic smartphone.

What is FanFit?

The app has been designed by Salford Business School staff and students. FanFit is a smartphone app that can be rebranded and customised to create a digital and physical community around physical and mental wellbeing, communicate and think more about active, healthy lifestyles. The app can be rebranded and customised to suit your organisation!

If you own or run a charity foundation, you are part of an HR department, a sports club, a University or any brand that cares about your people this is the perfect opportunity to get a branded version for your organisation without breaking the bank. This will allow you to boost your corporate social responsibility, rewards and recognition programmes, sustainability, brand recognition and increase engagement and wellness in your organisation’s brand. Contact us to discuss a customised version for your organisation.

Key Features

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