About Fan Fit

Digital fitness app for sports fans

About Fan Fit

Fan Fit is a smartphone app that helps sports clubs and fans communicate and think more about active, healthy lifestyles. The app is designed to increase fitness awareness and empower fans and players with just a basic smartphone. The app can track various activities including walking and running etc. and integrates with social media.

It can be rebranded to a clubs colours and information, take a look at the Salford Red Devils version in the image or download it below. It has been developed from research at Salford University and allows better communication between fans, whilst tracking exercise levels and run competitions with prizes. Please also see our support page for any issues or contact us.

Digital Media, sports fans and communications are key areas of research for Salford University’s Centre of Sports Business and Digital Business, working in conjunction with our centres for Social Business and Health Sciences. Our research centres on the use of digital communication technologies for sports fans and clubs and crosses over into the growing demand for sports and also fitness apps.

About Salford Red Devils

Key Features

Salford Red Devils Example

Footy Fit

Originally the Fan Fit app was branded Footy Fit, and in this video you will see a visual demonstration of how the app worked. We decided to go down the route of Fan Fit instead, as this is something we believe will reach a wider market, to all sporting clubs and societies.

So why stop at football? When we can now rebrand Fan Fit for anyone! The video will outline some of the core features we included in the mobile app, and to find out more information on this project, take a look at this here: Footy Fit Project

About Fan Fit

To Get Involved

Fan Fit has been designed to track fitness data and to integrate social media data to allow friendly competition between fans and players. New functions and a new look can be applied to the app. We are currently partnered with Salford Red Devils rugby club, however we are seeking more sports clubs and other interested parties that would like to trial out the app and speak to us at the University. If you would like to participate or have any questions about the project, please contact the team: info@fanfit.co.uk

Fan Fit For Android

The Fan Fit app is currently available for all android devices, however we hope to be releasing this onto other platforms shortly

Fan Fit Research

Most fans own smartphones but not wearable fitness devices and most people would be likely or very likely to use Fan Fit

Overall Fitness & Health

The app is designed to increase fitness awareness, and allows you to track this against your friends and sports players

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Keep up to date with all the latest news and updates from your chosen sports clubs