Digital fitness app for sports fans

Take a look at all the latest information and news Fan Fit has to offer on the blog page. Here you will find any developments made to the app, and any upcoming updates that we are set to release. We can rebrand Fan Fit to suit your clubs theme, and is the perfect solution for any sports club manager or owner. The app will help boost your brand and encourage fans to communicate more.

The Fan Fit Project The Fan Fit Project The exciting area of digital fitness is a booming industry. Research by Accenture estimated the health and wellbeing global market to grow to $737 billion by 2018. Fitness hardware and software such as smartphone apps support this...

Using a Smartphone to Track Your Fitness

FAN FIT Digital Fitness   Smartphone Users and its Growth So, you may not be a gym fanatic and spend a substantial amount of time at the gym or spent the morning running around the local estate. However, like most people in this modern fast growing technological...

The Future of Digital and Sports

The future lies beyond the screen as we connect ourselves to devices such as fitness wristbands and the Internet of things. In the future however, we may not need or indeed want a wristband, but we most people will want a smart phone.