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Cheshire Sorted – the mental and physical wellbeing app for people and planet

Cheshire Sorted is a smartphone app that helps people in Cheshire keep up to date with latest news and social media. It also includes personal targets, automatic tracking of walking and running through the phone or a wristband including FitBit. It has step tracking with global, monthly, private leagues and a chat feature to keep in touch with friends and colleagues creating a digital and physical community in Cheshire aimed at looking after physical and mental wellbeing. It includes digital badges, scannable codes, treasure hunts, trails and prizes. 

The project was funded by the University of Chester and allows people to create a friendly competition, win prizes and think more about active, healthy lifestyles. The app is designed to increase fitness and wellbeing awareness and empower people with just a basic smartphone. The project also partners with the mental health charity Mind to create wellness content. There is also a Cheshire Sorted YouTube channel which feeds into the app. The content is created by the Cheshire Sorted Community.