Salford Red Devils Fan Fit App OLD

Salford Red Devils Fan Fit is a smartphone app that helps fans keep up to date with club news, fixtures and social media. It also includes automatic tracking of walking and running through the phone or a wristband. It allows fans to create a friendly competition, win prizes and think more about active, healthy lifestyles. The app is designed to increase fitness awareness and empower fans and players with just a basic smartphone.

App update and Competition – Sept / Oct 2019

We have released an update to the Salford Red Devils Fan Fit app on both Android and iPhone which you can get in the app stores or the links below, just click the download or update button. We’d encourage more fans to download or update it to get club info and updates but also to join in with the Fan Fit fun and experience the new features we’ve added. There’s a new feature where fans can create and share private leagues and create a friendly completion between them. We’re running a competition starting 24 Sept 2019 where whoever has the most fans in their private league that have done 10,000 steps or more by October 31st will win a Garmin fitness wristband. In order to enter, send your private league code to Dr. Alex Fenton at by 30th Oct. 

Please also see our support page for any issues or contact us.

Red Devils Fan Fit Android App

Red Devils Fan Fit iPhone App