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The main issue we have found so far is that the app sometimes does not track steps. This usually relates to having the correct additional tracking apps, settings or permissions as noted below. If you have uninstalled the app and reinstalled it, this can also cause the connection to Google Fit or Apple Health to be lost. In this case, you should look under settings and try disconnecting and reconnecting Google Fit or Apple Health. Note that the app is designed primarily for a phone, but will work on a tablet if required. It works with any Garmin wristband or any wristband that will sync with Apple Health or Google Fit. This includes Fit Bit, but you might require a small additional app for that. To use FitBit on iPhone, you will need the Sync Solver app or see below for details for Android and other options. 


If you have an Android phone and the app is not tracking your steps, try installing the Google Fit app. This should solve the problem. Once installed, tracking data should start to come through within a few hours. If steps are not pulling through from Google Fit, this can be because of your permission settings or because you have reinstalled the app. In that case try the following: Open Fit Bears and login (if not already logged in)
Open the side menu
Tap “Settings”
Tap “Apps & Devices”
Tap “Google Fit” and select “Yes” when asked if you want to “Remove Activity Source?”
Tap “Google Fit” again. You should be presented with “Google Fit setup successfully!” – click “OK”.
Tap Back “<” twice to get back to the home screen You should get “Your fitness data is loading” and the data for today should come through


When the app is first launched on iOS it asks the user to grant health access to it, make sure you do this. If it’s the first time the phone has been authorised to collect health data, there’s sometimes a delay within iOS before the data is available to the app. So the first thing to do here is confirm that you have given permissions to the app to access health data. See the steps below or this PDF – Fan Fit – Tracking steps on iOS

  1. Open the “Health” app
  2. Tap on sources at the bottom of the screen
  3. Tap on the app within the source list
  4. Press “Turn All Categories On”
  5. Close and relaunch the app (double tap home button, and swipe upwards on the app in the list, then open the app again).

Garmin and other wristband integration

The app supports Garmin wristband integration. In order to use this, you will also need the Garmin Connect app synced to your device. In Fan Fit under settings, choose Garmin to count your steps. If your device supports it, it will automatically count your steps, but it may not automatically count walking minutes depending on your device. In that case, you can add walking minutes manually in the Garmin app or add sport minutes manually in the Fan Fit app. We would be interested to know your experience of using Garmin devices with Fan Fit – contact us for details. 

Fit Bit, Apple Watch and other bands

It is possible to get Fit Bit and other bands such as wear OS, Huawei and Xiaomi to work  by syncing them with Google Fit – see this page for details .

Apple watches should pull steps data into iPhones which should sync with Fan Fit.

Fit Bit devices can also sync with Google Fit and the steps will pull into Fan Fit, all you need is an additional app such as the FitToFit app for Android phones can be downloaded here. Details on Fit Bit to Fan Fit on iPhone can be found here  you will need the app called Sync Solver. Google have recently purchased Fit Bit, so this could mean further integration with Google Fit in the near future.

The alternative on iPhone is a Garmin device or Apple watch.

For any other questions, please contact us.